Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A report card on Education systems

This learning mission is part of the Spanish nationwide initiative on Education on Open Government run by the Spanish Ministries of Education and Public Administrations, for which I have been appointed to take part with my students, in an experimental didactic classroom programme.

The learning mission is divided in various steps:

Step 1. Students are asked to read the following factsheets, listed above, on different education systems and to investigate:

- UK education system

- American education system

- Spanish education system

Step 2. Then, they are requested to collect the most relevant facts, the differences, the simillarities, the advantages and the disadvantages. It is very much appreciated that they include their personal opinion about the three systems, and that they focus closely on the role that EEOOII play in them.

Step 3. Finally they are asked to design a report card, which is their support when delivering their speaking mission and explaining about their findings to their class mates.

For help with report cards, they are provided with the "Cómo hace un relatograma" guide (in Spanish). They are encouraged to design a visual report card, well organised and documented, but visually attractive.
The suggested digital tool for the design of their report card is but they can simply draw their report cards on a piece of paper, with crayons or markers.

Step 4. In class, in turns, with their report card available, students must deliver a presentation about the education systems they have searched about.

Here you are some of the outcomes they have come up with:

We have finally ended up the learning mission with an open online video debate on education, whose initial results you can listen to below:

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