Saturday, 17 November 2018

English Speaking Cities

In Room 32, on the first floor at EOI Luarca, we are now starting our trip around ten English speaking cities.

The trip will take six months and we will be stopping in some of the best known capital cities in the world, where English is their everyday language:


As we travel, we will be accomplishing speaking, listening, reading, writing and mediation challenges, as well as improving our digital skills.

We will be producing video clips, podcasts, posters, flyers and a wide range of digital products, which will be published in our "English Speaking Cities" collaborative learning diary.

If you are one of our ESL students, are prepared to live the adventure of travelling around the world without even leaving your hometown, you like communication, collaboration and teamwork, and you are ready to spread the word, you have chosen the perfect destination: join us every Tuesday and Wednesday at 16:00, at EOI Luarca, room 32, first floor!!!!!

These trip is supported by the nationwide EDIA Project, by CeDeC: an educational initiative that fosters the design of Open Educational Resources and promotes networked school experimentation.

We are about to take off. Fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the flight!

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