Monday, 19 February 2018

Learning journals


What is a learning journal

A learning journal does not have to be anything fancy. It can be just a few sheets of paper or a small note book that you can carry around with you or you can use an electronic one. 

It can help you look forwards by developing your ideas and plans for new learning experiences, and backwards by reflecting on your thoughts, feelings and actions about new activities you have tried. 

To Keep in Mind

The learning journal is not a simple summary of a project that you have designed or a showcase of the artifact you have created, but it must also include:

- critical cuestions and problems encountered,

- your reaction to specific ideas or questions that have come up while doing an activity or project,

- any discovery you have made in your project or activity, at an educational, social or personal level,

- your reflections about how the project or activity are connected with your own life.

Think before writing

It might be worthwile to think about these overall questions for a moment before writing an entry in a learning journal:

- What have I learned along the activity/project?

- What added value does this learning have for my professional development/personal life/educational background?

- What task/stage/mission has been the easiest/most difficult one while carrying out the activity/project?

- What task/stage/mission has been the most/least interesting?

- What have I found most surprising out of all my learning?

Digital tools to create a learning journal

Help with digital tools

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