Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Visualize your goals - PLE/PLN 4 CLIL

Cycle 7 of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators started back in January, at the beginning of the year.

The first goal of this Cycle is entitled 'Visualize your goals' and, as every year when I start teaching at Univeristy, I focus on a goal-oriented teaching and learning approach, fostered by this open international project that @ShellTerrell has hosted now for several years in a row.

My Master's Degree students are facing their own goals for the first time as well: becoming acquainted with CLIL, being aware of the importance of connected teaching and connected learning, and so, their first goal for these three months is to have a Personal Learning Environment, which they will eventually evolve into a Personal Learning Network, with added value for CLIL.

So, in order to be able to achieve that goal, it is essential to visualize it, and that is why they have drawn their current PLEs, becasue their visualizing the goal of spreading their CLIL PLE at the beginning of their learning, now in February, into a CLIL PLN when they finish their Master's Degree in May 2016.

And here you are now their visualizations, which I am sure if revisited in a few months, will have grown and branched out with a wide range of CLIL connections, tools, sites, and above all, people.

Check their global Pinterest, enjoy, view the artifacts that show evidence of their accomplishing this goal, and please, comment and connect:

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