Sunday, 28 February 2016

Surprise Visitor To The #ictclil_urjc Classroom

There is nothing better for a teacher than to welcome back one of her most brilliant students into class, and if it is a surprise visit, it is even warmer and sweeter. And that is what happened last Thursday, 25 February 2016, when at half past four, Marta López, better known as @MartaLFabero28 now, just turned up, out of the blue, and came to say hello. It was a very special hello, of course, as Marta herself is a very special girl, a genuine storyteller, and the storytelling began the minute she walked in class.

She is so discreet that I did not even see her when I waved this year's bunch into the classroom, but all of a sudden she was at my desk, fresh as ever, but having grown into a connected teacher. It was only 9 months since we have finished last year's Master's Degree, and there she was, a real teacher now, with real students, with so much to teach and give to her learners. I am so happy for you, Marta, you are my champion!

Measured as she is, but not able to stand still, chatty as ever and ever so jolly, in a minute Marta told us all about how important was to build a digital identity, how beneficial ICT are being for her own current teaching nowadays, and how gratifying being a globally connected Primary Teacher was. She has done more good to her peers in 20 minutes than what I have, for sure, in a month! Another piece of evidence that proves peer-to-peer learning is a little key treasure, especially if the methodological approach is Project Based Learning.

She generously volunteered to give her peers a taste of what had meant to her being part of the #ictclil_urjc 2015 experience and presented them with her e-project, played her fabulous CLIL opening challenge, which she designed in our 2015 Edition and that is still live, and offered a genuine viewpoint on what a CLIL teacher should be.

That is what teaching is all about: being able to see that students, when they fly away, are autonomous mentors and learners too, and are able to make a living, but that they still remember what they learned in 4 months at a humble classroom in a University in Madrid. 

Welcoming one of those students back is enough to keep any teacher going for another year, or maybe for a whole teaching life! Thanks ever so much, Marta, for coming back, for saying hello, but above all, for sharing. You have certainly made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never stop sharing, never stop connecting, and please, never stop teaching! There are lots of students out there needing your warmth, your talent and your knowledge, Marta, to be guided and enlightened with your happiness. As I have always told you, keep rocking it!


  1. My dearest M Jesús, thanks for your warm welcome to your class!
    It's been a real pleasure to see you but also to meet all the new faces that are going to enjoy this #ictclil_urjc course with you. I'm afraid I couldn't give them enough information about the digital resources that inspire me but, at least, I hope I could pass my passion for ICts on to them and share the admiration and affection I feel for you.
    Don't let them give up, as I told you in the past, your enthusiasm is the push that we need to become the best version of ourselves.




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