Monday, 24 August 2015

Interested in #twima3 collaborative project?


Many of you must have for sure heard of the twima project by now, or you might even have taken part either in twima1 or twima2, or both.

You might even have read some references in this very blog, learned about my students' connections with the project and the project outcomes to be downloaded from iTunes:

The World is My Audience

The World is My Audience 2

Well, now it is time for twima3! A nice way to face the upcoming school year in a collaborative way, with the chance to meet classes all over the world and get or keep in touch with the project awesome host, @theipodteacher.

#twima3 is in the beginning stages of getting started and I wanted to spread the word and encourage every teacher interested in collaborative writing lessons in English and/or designing an engaging digital publication, to show your interest and be part of this third stage of twima. You won't regret it and neither will your students. The Twima Project is the perfect chance to e-connect and foster digital and writing skills among your students while thoroughly enjoying cooperation.

After having been part of it in its first two stages, I must confess this collaborative project has been one of the most rewarding international projects I have taken part in. The requirements are so clear to follow and the host is so easy going that you feel everything fits in perfectly in your lessons from the very first minute planning starts. The outcomes are stunning and the added value of them being available at iTunes for free is an asset for all contributors to feel proud of their effort. I do recommend it for all levels and ages.

Click the link below for more information. This is only an interest form.  More detailed information will be coming in the next few months.

Do not hesitate to get directly in touch with @theipodteacher for as many details as you need. He will be more than willing to help you.

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