Friday, 24 July 2015

The connected painters


I am very pleased to share with you all today the CLIL e-publication María Llopis has designed for Sixth Grade learners, along her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources at URJC in Madrid from February to May 2015.

Focusing on teaching Arts and Crafts in English, Maria has come up with an engaging blog for both teachers and learners, whose skeleton can be viewed in various formats: as a Google doc, as a mindmap or as an infographic, three different ways to take a glimpse of the learning goals, contents and evaluation criteria of everything this e-publication is offering.

But before actually going on hands on work, María had to go through the prior tasks of evaluating other e-publications according to visual and elearning principles as well as curating resources, tools and tips for her own proposals and it was not until she had overcome this investigation process that she did actually start with the design and creation steps.

Once ready for presenting teachers and learners with her proposals, María also connected with other peer teachers across the world so as to contribute with her own ideas and to become aware of how collaboration is added value to one's own teaching. Thus, she contributed to the Spring Blog Festival, Twima 2 and The Student Blogging Challenge, all of which have been inspiring for this young talented teacher to see digital CLIL learning from different approaches.

So now I do recommend you to go, check all the artifacts María has created for Primary Bilingual Arts and Crafts learners and see how Picasso, Velázquez or both painters together may be faced in a fun innovative way.

And if you would like to learn more about how the author has actually lived her own learning process, view her own self-reflection after this never-ending epublication was actually published.

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