Thursday, 23 July 2015

The beautiful world of animals


Check the CLIL e-publication aimed at Second Grade Primary Bilingual Students to learn about animals from a PBL approach.

The Beautiful World of Animals has been designed by Álvaro Martín as part of his Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources at URJC in Madrid from February to May 2015.

The e-publication comprises two sections: one aimed at teachers who might be interested in using the proposals in class, and another one aimed at students who would like to craft the proposals themselves.

Its starting point includes a skeleton, a mindmap and an infographic that provide an overview of what the epublication focuses on.

The process of coming up with the whole e-publication is explained by the author himself via a VoiceThread self-reflection.

Students are challenged with audio and video activities which foster communication skills as well as collaborative proposals that support their learning.

Besides, the e-publication has a cross-posting corner where Álvaro has gathered all the Master's Degree e-publications by his peers, a well curated section full of valuable resources for Primary CLIL teaching and learning.

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