Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The ancient eBook of the storytellers' secrets


Dive into the amazing e-publication that Marta López has designed for 12-year-old CLIL learners and discover intriguing proposals to improve language, communication and digital skills.

The ancient eBook of the storytellers' secrets is the digital outcome of Marta's solid work and progress along three months, at heMaster's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources at URJC in Madrid from February to May 2015. As she herself describes, it has been an incredible learning journey which she is generously sharing now with any learner and teacher who might be willing to try it out.

You won't be disappointed if you decide to travel into storytelling with Marta's proposals of learning secrets, but get ready to be surprised, starting with the augmented e-publication cover above that is hiding a mystery, only to be unveiled by those with a mobile device and that follow the instructions Marta is clearing providing visitors with.

But before rising up to the challenge of working digital storytelling and CLIL with the secrets the epublication has for you, I do recommend you to check its mindmap, for a clear overview of what it is offering Primary teachers and learners:

Or if you are more into infographics, Marta has also turned the overview of her e-publication into one, so that her target audience can go into one format or the other, depending on their needs. Besides, she is offering tips on using infographics in teaching sessions and reflecting on her own contribution to a collaborative project, InfoEduGrafías, founded by a group of Spanish teachers who focus on the use of these means with and by students.

If you have read up to this very line, I am sure you are not bound to expect to find individual work as the core of this blogging portfolio, but quite the other way round. As you may have guessed by now, Marta regards storytelling as a collaborative experience and has crafted various artifacts that are evidence of cooperative learning and teaching approaches. Check her collaborative video challenge, for instance, and become aware of how Arts, ICT, CLIL and Digital Literacy can be brought together through cross-curricular approaches contributed by multi-teacher viewpoints.

In order to craft any learning mission, propose any inspiring activity or come up with digital artifacts, every teacher needs to know and have various online tools at hand, so as to be able to choose which one to use at each moment, that is, to gather the tools to craft the proposals.
And, how can one do that? Easy, becoming a curator! And that is what Marta's prior work has consisted of, whose result she is sharing in a magic webmix, curated thanks to Symbaloo.

If you want to know all about this promising artifact, visit the eBook and do not miss the chance to discover the secrets Marta is making available for Primary Bilingual Learners.

You will also get to know how she has accomplished the challenge to build her first e-publication and enjoy her imagination and CLIL views. Stay tuned!

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