Monday, 13 July 2015

Our amazing body


Discover the CLIL e-publication Begoña Aragón has designed for Second Grade Primary Bilingual Learners as part of her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources at URJC from February to May 2015.

She has combined a site for learners with a blog that showcases her own learning progress and participation in connected educational projects and live events. For all these aims she has chosen Weebly after analysing various options and evaluating other e-publications by teaching peers.

With the goal of teaching Science in English, Begoña has curated some useful resources and shared them in her e-publication, some of which have inspired this young CLIL teacher in order to plan and craft the CLIL Science proposals for her potential learners.

But before actually diving into those CLIL challenges, it is worth it to check the e-publication skeleton, the infographic that provides an illustrated overview, or the e-publication mindmap, all of which are bound to help you envisage what is ahead of you either as a teacher or as a learner if you decide to accomplish Begoña's challenges to know more about our body in an engaging way.

It is also quite interesting to check the e-publications and visual principles Begoña evaluted before actually going into her own design, an essential stage of a Challenge Based Learning approach.

Once you are ready to rise up to the challenges, visit the Students section and enjoy while, among various other missions, reading a musical storybard and viewing its follow up video clip.

And, when you finish your visit, please do not forget to get in touch with the author and let her know about your impressions. She will be really grateful for your feedback.

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