Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Multiply your fun


Multiply your fun is the CLIL e-publication @elenabenitogonz has designed along her three-month Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Bilingual Primary Education at URJC in Madrid.

This e-publication is aimed at CLIL 8-year old learners to focus on multiplication while applying it to a familiar situation such as a birthday party. When surfing this open educational resource, one can plan the event, calculate, cook, and craft various other missions which will help any kid turn these events into a very special day.

The tips and ideas to make a learning experience out of a birthday party are student-centred and promote challenge based investigation and collaborative team work, with engaging samples and learning missions which will for sure encourage students to keep it up.

Below there are a couple of samples of the author's proposals for planning and recording your party.

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The author has also thought of teachers, and being a connected CLIL teacher herself, she has curated several resources for other CLIL educators to use, and shared a range of digital outcomes she has come up with in collaboration with international projects.

Do not miss her reflection on the learning trip she is sharing in the VoiceThread below, where she is describing all the landings along that trip as well as self-evaluating her progress at the Master's Degree:

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