Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Cultivating Knowledge

 This is the CLIL e-publication by Ana Morenoa Primary Bilingual teacher who has just finished her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Her interesting CLIL site is aimed to teach plants to third year Primary Bilingual learners, as well as aspects related to that area of learning, intended for the kids to learn by doing their own e-projects. The overview of it all is mindmapped below:

In order to create an open e-book for her own future students, she first evaluated some ebooks, already published and shared by in-service teachers, and jumped to her own conclusions as regards visual principles and various other items related to digital publications of the kind, which she gathered in a flyer where she also reflected about the steps taken in this first stage of  her project:

On her journey across the design of her first CLIL e-publication, she has also become a connected educator herself and has taken part in a range of collaborative projects worldwide, starting with the @infoEdugrafias project, where she contributed with an infographic of the draft of her e-book to be, using Canva, an online tool which Ana undoubtedly is in love with.

Besides, she has shared her own dreams and interpreted other kids' dreams, thanks to #twima2 project, which gave her the chance to be in touch with kids from different parts of the world, get a glimpse of their wishes and practise writing skills in English too, all of it with the purpose of getting acquainted with active methodologies and being able to put them into practice in her own lessons in the very near future.

And, while surfing along all the inspiring tips and ideas, and almost unaware of it, she became a content curator, learned how to search, filter and select information, and started her webmix of resources ready to be used when designing activities for her e-publication and ready for any other teacher to use them too.

Once the prior maybe more exahusting work was done, the resources were gathered, the licence for the e-publication ready, and the digital site chosen, there came Ana's most creative side, willing to jump into the production of digital learning missions and artifacts, and so she came up with cute ideas such as a storyboard for learners to understand pollination better,

Create a Copy | View Larger

the follow-up video challenge,

the audio mysteries to be discovered behind these Qr Codes,

or the collaborative poster designed to cross over several of her colleagues' CLIL e-publications and finding common areas to teach in cooperation.

Her creativity and talent for teaching plants is also highlighted with the fun neat comic Ana has invented with Chogger for teaching the life cycle of a plant:

Finally, she has also been able to spread the word about her CLIL digital outcome, again connecting with other educators thanks to ICT, when together with the whole group of peer pre-service teachers, she was invited to co-present at Moodle MOOC 6, an open free online event held at WizIQ.

And, being aware herself of the importance of self-evaluation, assessment and reflection on one's own way of learning, Ana has concluded her open digital publication with a clip that illustrates all the way she has come from early February, when this adventure started, until late May, when it was all on air and ready for your comments and feedback, which are more than welcome!

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