Monday, 11 May 2015

The connection between #moodlemooc6 and #ictclil_urjc

Last 7 May 2015 edition of the Master's Degree on ICT and Web Resources for Bilingual Primary Education came to an end, and it could not have ended in a more adequate way than connecting with Moodle MOOC 6, the massive open online course hosted by Dr. Nellie Deutsch at WizIQ and running until 31 May.

Why am I regarding this mooc as the best e-connection with #ictclil_urjc 2015 edition? Very simple, because for 3 months the pre-service teachers attending this Master's Degree at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid have been crafting missions at their Moodle Virtual Campus and their outcomes are open e-publications which show evidence regarding how open blended learning that combines Moodle, social networking and blogging, all approached from a project based learning orientation, can help improving teachers' digital competencies.

The theme of #moodlemooc6 is collaborative learning, reflective practice, connecting online for instruction and learning, and peace through online learning.

A chance like Moodle MOOC 6 is the perfect scenario for these future teachers to have the chance, not only of disseminating their digital outcomes, but also of making e-connections, as they are presenting live in front of an audience of international educational leaders, experts and connected teachers.

Being the perfect match then, 7 May was D-Day and there they were, the group of 26 pre-service teachers, willing to explain about their e-publications for Primary bilingual learners, having collaboratively prepared their slideshow in advance, and looking forward to generously sharing The Challenge of Digital Crafting at Moodle for a 60 minute live online session, which was extended well into over 80 minutes in the end.

Apart from the common place last minute audio or video issues that we are bound to get some time throughout our presenting life, I must confess I am really proud of all their effort and how calm they rose up to the challenge of presenting in public, apart from being extremely satisfied with all those digital artifacts they have come up with after those three months of hard work and several puzzling moments.

Well done indeed, my dear #ictclil_urjc Moodle crafters!

Here you are the recording of the session:

After this first experience spreading the word online, all of them wanted to thank the organiser of Moodle MOOC 6 for the opportunity, so I do encourage you to read their memories at their e-publications to pay tribute to Dr. Nellie Deutsch and show her our acknowledgement and gratitude.

Thanks ever so much, Dr. Nellie, for being so welcoming generous with all of us!

And, of course, last but not least, I must recommend you to surf around the collection of digital publications by this group of pre-service CLIL Primary teachers; they are ready for anybody interested in Primary CLIL education to dive into and find tips, ideas, lots of resources for lessons, and above all, fun.

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