Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Challenge of Digital Crafting on Moodle

This is the title of the live session the group of pre-service teachers about to finish the Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education, #ictclil_urjc 2015 Edition, and myself are co-presenting on Thursday 7 May 2015 at Moodle MOOC 6 free course on WizIQ.

Have a glimpse at our slideshow and feel free to join us 7 May 2015, 5pm Spanish time, for our free online session, when we will be sharing the ICT and CLIL 3-month-experience along which this digitally skillful group of CLIL-ICT future teachers have been using Moodle as their Learning Management System together with social networks, blogs, sites, online video and audio challenges, storyboards, collaborative missions and much more, with the aim of designing online open educational e-publications for Primary Bilingual Education that you will be able to visit right at our free session.

We would like to thank Dr. Nellie Deutsch for hosting both the MOOC and our session,as well as for giving the #ictclil_urjc bunch this great chance to show their outcomes and interact with speakers worldwide.

Looking forward to welcoming you all at "The Challenge of Digital Crafting on Moodle". Thanks for stopping by.

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