Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chef of volume

 Check this awesome CLIL e-publication for eight year old learners by Marta Plaza, a Primary Bilingual teacher who has just finished her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Marta is providing full objectives, learning outcomes and what visitors to her Chef of Volume might expect, in a simple but visually engaging infographic which she has designed for the @infoEdugrafias collaborative blogging project.

Besides, if you are not into deep reading but would rather have a quick glimpse at what Chef of Volume has to offer you, the author has also mindmapped her whole e-publication for a quick overview:

My advice is that you land on the e-publication augmented cover and meet cute Holly and Phoebe, who are willing to unveil the surprises Chef of Volume is hiding behind the wide range of learning missions CLIL young learners will love completing.

This open educational resource is inspired by a task where students have to make sandwiches of different geometric shapes. The goal is that CLIL young kids learn about some mathematic content throughout a cross curricular approach. Its main objective is to make students make a difference between the concepts of area and volume while doing web searches in small groups and using online tools for presentations and a video creation.

And, if you are a CLIL teacher yourself, you might also find it useful for your own lessons. Check the e-publication skeleton and decide for yourself. Morevover, if you are into open e-publications, you may find Marta's evaluation of digital ebooks interesting, as it was her prior step to designing her own showcase, inspired by what participants in the ebookEVO 2015 session did in that field. But, if your issue is that you cannot see the PBL approach when teaching Maths to young learners, the storyboard and its video challenge can change your viewpoint regarding learning Maths forever:

Next recommended stop is at the 3 missions Marta is challenging learners with: Creating a presentation, Writing creative recipes and Producing short animated videos.

And, after surfing all around the epublication, you must not miss the collaborative connected challenges and projects Marta has engaged herself in, so as to be aware of the importance of e-connections but also to be able to put that teamwork approach into the e-publication itself and into online learning. First of all, teamwork started with her closest peers and so she developed and audio-challenge together with her colleague Elena Benito aimed at combining Maths, Multiplying and Fun.

Then, she went nationwide and collaborated with a wider range of peers and students in Spain, through contributing to InfoEdugrafias. Finally, she took a step ahead and turned internationally e-connected, thanks to mentoring at the Student Blogging Challenge 2015, dreaming and interpreting others' dreams at #twima2, and taking part in Moodle MOOC 6 with her first live co-presented session ever.

If you would like to know more about Marta's own feelings about her achievements while designing her e-publication, view the clip below, or even better, join her on 10 June 2015 for her free live YLTSIG Webinar, when she will be explaining the whole adventure herself. Do not miss it; it is bound to be worth it!

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