Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Across the music

If you are a CLIL Primary teacher and your major is Music, you might be interested in surfing this open e-publication by @utopicmarta, 'Across the music'.

This e-publication is the digital outcome Marta S. has come up with after three months of solid work using ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education along her Master's Degree at URJC in Madrid.

Her site is born with the aim of becoming a cooperative project for 10-year-olds to publish about two periods of the History of Music and it is approached from a fresh, colourful, fun viewpoint by the author.

Worried about digital literacy and changing the roles when teaching and learning, Marta S. has included a section for surfing safe,

as well as a social list where she curates content for other Primary teaching peers.

One of the most enjoyable sections in Marta S.'s e-publications is her collaborative video story about Charlie, the kid who disliked studying Theory of Music until he met Mozart and Vivaldi. Do not miss this imaginative clip designed and produced together with another of Marta S.'s peers from the Master's Degree, @koralinda.

But there is much more to this e-publication and its connected author that you are bound to find inspiring if you just spend a while surfing it all. 

Your feedback will be very much appreciated!

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