Tuesday, 14 April 2015

CLIL e-Publications for Bilingual Primary Education

After facing challenges, going on learning missions, sorting out new teaching scenarios brought up by a tornado blowing textbooks away, and 3 months of amazing hands-on work at the Master's Degree Module for The use of ICT & Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual URJC - 2015 Edition, now it is time to proudly introduce the CLIL showcases this bunch of 26 pre-service e-teachers have just designed and opened up to the world, their e-publications for Primary Bilingual kids:

This is just the visual tip of a full schedule of missions that they have had to craft in order to reach this turning point, which will soon be hopefully extended into an open challenging engaging digital publication for Primary Education learners and teachers.

To land on this creative stage after the tornado, the pre-service teachers, now turned into e-authors, have climbed up quite a wide variety of stepping stones. They have:

  • brainstormed together about how to rise to the challenge of teaching with no paper textbooks; 
  • surfed other ebooks, designed by other teachers worldwide who have already made the decision of designing their own digital teaching materials,  and evaluated them;
  • improved their digital literacy by attending the Spring Blog Festival 2015 live sessions, where over a dozen educational leaders inspired them to go ahead in their ordeal;
  • started curating their own resources, ideas and tips so as to gather information, ready to include if necessary when publishing their digital outcomes;

Of course, their outcomes are in progress, but I wanted to share their work with you all, as I think their effort is worth it and they all deserve your staying tuned for upcoming episodes, as there are more challenges knocking on their doors which will sooner than later be real, and that make, from my viewpoint, nice evidence that innovating is a must when educating.

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