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6 online tools for designing digital posters

Digital posters and infographics are great means to create and communicate knowledge and information through the web. They are visual products that allow both educators and students to organise concepts, order topics, create schemes, present results, share products, clarify difficult key ideas or help with complex themes, among other purposes.

Nowadays there is a wide range of online tools that make our lives easier and offer us easy ways to design visually engaging posters which we can then use in class, insert in our digital sites, webs, portfolios, blogs, and so forth, or share at social networks.

Here you are a taste of six easy-to-use friendly online options for you to choose those that best match your teaching and learning needs:

Easelly has the ingredients for any teacher or student to be able to design a nice poster or infographic which fulfills visual principles and besides, it allows teaming up so the poster can be created in collaboration. The digital outcome can be downloaded in different formats, including printable .pdf format and the designer is provided with the link and the embed code so as their product can be cross-posted to their own digital blog, site, web, and so forth. Here you are a tutorial with first stpes to start using this tool:

Piktochart might be considered the best known and most popular online tool for designing posters and infographics nowadays. It is easy to use and offers various icons, shapes and templates ready to be included in our design. However, it does not allow real time collaboration and printable oucomes cannot be grabbed. If you decide to go for it, here you are how to start tackling your digital poster with this tool:

Canva is an awesome online tool for designing all kinds of posters, banners, infographics, cards and so on. It includes over a million illustrations, icons and templates to choose from, although our own pics are also welcome.
As with the afore mentioned tools, you must sign up and then log in to start using it, and then decide what type of digital outcome you are designing with the tool, as from that decision, the tool will provide you with the right sizes, layouts, templates and so on, so as to adapt your creations to your specific goals and needs. For further help with this tool, view the clip below:

Smore  is a visual friendly online tool for creating posters and flyers to which you can add text, videos, images and whose outcomes can be linked and embedded at any web site or blog. However, the basic free version is currently restricted to 5 free designs,so once you are done with those five, you will have to upgrade to the Premium version if you would like to keep on designing more creations.

Tackk is similar to Smore as regards aims, as it is a friendly tool for designing digital posters in an easy quick way. Besides, at the moment it allows unlimited designs without having to upgrade and the templates, layouts, wallpapers, backgrounds and other creative options are quite an asset. is a drag and drop online tool that allows you to easily include links and images onto the poster you are designing. The interface is neat and friendly as regards including multimedia content; on top of that, collaborative edition of ongoing posters is available, so it is undoubtedly added value for this tool when applied in education, since it fosters team work. If you are thinking of starting with it, do not miss the clip below:

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