Sunday, 22 March 2015

Student Blogging Challenge 2015 - Week 4 Mission


This week we are joining globally and making an evironmentally friendly stop on 28 March 2015, Earth Hour. Take the chance to use your power to make a change regarding climate change by encouraging your mentees to be part of it all too.

Activities for this week are all to do with the globe or the world we live in, so visit your mentees' blogs and support earth with them.

Do not forget to visit the Student Blogging 2015 Challenge main page and read the suggested missions there. We are now into week 4 of the challenge so students should have an About Me page or post, created an avatar, perhaps written something about commenting, written a post using images and giving correct attribution - maybe a poem or story to finish, too.

Please get in touch with me if:
  • you have been allocated blogs where you can't leave a comment,
  • your mentees are not replying to any of your comments  especially when you have asked a question,
  • your mentees have written no posts at all relating to the challenge,
  • your mentees still have the basic Hello World post.

Happy Week 4 and Happy Earth Hour 2015. Let's make the change!

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