Friday, 27 March 2015

Pretty Woman Revisited

Twenty five years enjoying Pretty Woman, one of the classics of cinema in the late twentieth century.

But, do you really know it all about this enchanting film that shows the American Dream every man and woman would like to live?

Even though you may have seen the film as often as I have, maybe in English, or maybe dubbed to your own language, or maybe subtitled; even though you might have spotted flaws in one or more scenes and showed off about it such as the croissant that becomes a tortilla for Vivian's breakfast, are you really a Pretty Woman Master?

Let's see!

Did you know that

  • Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were not the first choice for the film?
  • the movie was about to be called "$ 3,000"? Wonder why!
  • in the first version of the script, Vivian was addicted to drugs?
  • Julia Roberts was so skinny that it was decided to use a double with more "curves" for intimate scenes?
  • the legs we have all seen on the promo poster are not Julia Roberts' real legs but belong to a model?
  • the necklace that Edward gave Vivian was actually a real quarter of a million dollar one, guarded at all times during the filming? And that the actual snapping the box lid to catch Vivian's finger was improvised by Gere and was not in the original script altough it was later included in the final version of the tape?
  • the magnificent red dress every woman wanted to wear was first going to be black?
  • in the fight between Edward and his friend Stuckey, Richard Gere actually lost the crown of one of his teeth due to the struggle?
  • the scriptwriters first thought of returning Vivian to the streets and sending Edward back to New York with his girlfriend instead of ending the film with the romantic kiss that we all have had printed in our minds for the last 25 years?

    See how Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reenact Pretty Woman lines and read about the cast 25th reunion.

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    Header image from Flickr by AlifiaCC BY 2.0

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