Connecting 2015 #ictclil_urjc and 2015 Student Blogging Challenge

2015 Student Blogging Challenge is back in business, from 1 March to 10 May 2015, that is 10 weeks, and the future Primary CLIL teachers at 2015 #ictclil_urjc will be helping the #stubc15 participants as Mentors.

What is Student Blogging Challenge?
For those of you who have never heard of this challenge that takes place twice a year before, I encourage you to read all about it at the EduBlogs About Page.

What is your job as a Mentor?
As trainee teachers, you are allocated a group of blogs designed by students and/or full classes who have registered to take part in the challenge.

This is the bunch of 10-year-old students you have been assigned. Find your name next to your mentee.

Each week, those students will be rising up to tasks which are posted at the Challenge Blog, and your duties as their Mentor will be to:

  • Visit your allocated student blogs at least three times throughout the challenge. Please check who you are mentoring. Your name will be above your allocated student blogs.
  • Leave comments on posts written by the students.
  • Continue conversations in the comments.
  • Remind them about visiting the main blogging challenge page each week.
  • Contact me if having concerns or problems so that I can contact Miss W., the organiser of the Student Blogging Challenge.

In a nutshell, Mentors are there to give challenged students some clues about blogging, reminding them of the challenge as well as carrying on conversations in their posts.

So, welcome to the 14th Student Blogging Challenge, good luck to you all, keep the conversations up and don't forget to grab your 2015 Badge!

Have fun!