Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Black Wolf Blogger Award

 My peer colleague, Esther Martínez, has kindly nominated this blog for the Black Wolf Blogger Award, for which I sincerely thank her.
This symbolic award has no financial recognition as you may have guessed by now, but it stands for really emotional value, and it is the fact that some fellow blogger has thought of you for the nomination, which from my viewpoint, is the most important recognition of all.
Just imagining that some hectic teacher, pressed for time as we are all, has found a minute to stop and give a thought for this site, is valuable as it is, so double and tripple thanks, Esther. I know what it is like to survive lessons these days and find some time to sit and blog.

However, the award has its own rules to follow up, which I am abiding to below:

1. Thanking publicly the blogger who nominated you, so, once more, many many thanks, Esther.

2. Answering 5 questions about yourself:

     1. Which was the first book you have read?
          The first that I remember were The Famous Five, but I might have read some others earlier which I can't remember so clearly.

     2. Why do you blog?
           Now that I come to think of it, is there a reason for blogging?

     3. What inspires you?
           The Internet does quite often, and the loads of generous educators who so often share knowledge there, but what really inspires me are my own principles and my enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

     4.  Do you write what you live or live what you write?
            Passionate for writing, passionate for living.

     5.  Who/What has been/is your great love?
            The first people I loved and still do are my dad and mum. Then came along my brother, and later my husband, dearest of all. 
My two kids are my best outcomes, I hope, and I motherly love them without conditions.

3. Nominating  15 other awesome bloggers. Oh, this is so difficult! Well, let's go for it.

My nominees are:

Letting them know they are nominated and invite them to accept the deserved award.
Right on it now.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by


  1. Congratulations for the award. You deserve the recognition and it´s always rewarding to get a prize!


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