Support a Movement

I will never get tired of saying that e-connections are essential to be an up-to-date connected teacher who can bring learners close to the global world we are living in nowadays.

Aligning with the aforesaid statement, which I also show at my Twitter bio, is Goal 1 of The 30 Goals For Teachers 2015, Support a Movement.

Professional networks of inspiring educators, ready to work in collaboration, share their ideas and findings, and willing to innovate together are the best movement to support, as well as the most nurturing environment for one's own learners to find the right path in search of becoming globally connected citizens. 

Being part of a virtual community of persons worldwide is an asset for one's teaching life, and not only from a professional viewpoint, but also from a personal one, as when one feels part of connected movements, one establishes personal links too; above all, one establishes strong personal links, yes, above all; emotional rewarding relationships that help you stay focused and keep going when education goes rough, and sometimes it does go rough, doesn't it?

That's why I am proud to be part of a wide range of collaborative movements worldwide, to support and be supported by their members, to stay connected, to learn and be inspired by their awesome ideas, tips, pieces of advice and, especially, by their warmth, proximity, energy and generosity even though they are actually based at the other end of the world.

And sometimes, one wonders: 'How come that I can find it so smooth to cooperate with somebody in San Antonio, Texas, or in Toronto, Canada, or in Greece, or in Argentina, Hawaii, Venezuela, or Abu Dabi, to name but a few?'

Well, that is the beauty of networked educational movements, and I can't find any other reasonable explanation for it. It just clicks and you know those movements are your movements too. It is mutual and it works!

So, why not join any, or all the movements I support and become an e-connected teacher/learner/individual as well? You are bound to love them all. Support your Movement now!