Thursday, 12 February 2015

Join The World Is My Audience 2

After the success of The World is My Audience in 2014, we are ready to jump into The World is My Audience 2 - Dreams around the world.

#twima, The World Is My Audience, was a first attempt at gathering the world's classrooms for a collaborative poetry project.  It was a huge success, not in numbers of downloads (yet), but in the impact it had on teachers and students making connections with classrooms worldwide.

#twima2 is the follow-up project.  Again, the goal is to collaborate with the world's classrooms on a writing project. And those of us at #ictclil_urjc Master's Degree Module in Madrid, are in charge of dreaming stories and making the interactive media for those stories.

So, follow the steps to dream and connect with the world!

The stages we at URJC will be connecting #twima2 and #ictclil_urjc together are:

Stage 1. 3 to 23 March 2015
Discuss dreams with your peers. The dreams you write about could be personal dreams, actual night dreams, dreams for the world, dreams of your culture or dreams that relate to academic areas you currently are part of.
Place these written dreams in this shared Google document. Do not forget the title of your dream and your full name at the end of your written dream, for authorship.
These written dreams may include artwork or photos you create.  Please make sure you use your own artwork and photos, so that we avoid any copyright issues. If you choose photos from the Internet, please make sure they are acceptable and copyright free.

Stage 2. 2 April to 2 May 2015
Once the dreams by the world’s classrooms are submitted, we will be passed the written work and you will part of the worldwide team who will take those written dreams and turn them into multimedia for the iBook. This media could be videos, photos, widgets and much, much more.  The sky is truly the limit. We will be using iBooks Author to increase the interactivity and ease of transferring work to the iBook.

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