Tuesday, 24 February 2015



What is InfoEDUgraphics?

It is a brand new collaborative project set up by teachers for teachers and learners worldwide to design meaningful educational infographics at all levels.

Why taking part in InfoEDUgraphics?

Infographics are a neat means to deliver information and concepts in an engaging visual way. They foster digital skills, as well as enabling learners to organise information and making learning more effective.

But in order to design meaningful infographics, a wide range of strategies are needed, and this project intends to reach that challenge: having teachers and learners come up with these digital visual outcomes that prove their good use of strategies to filter and summarise info in such a way that it actually conveys the message.

Are you up to the challenge?

If you are, then you are ready to join the project with your learners. Just fill in the form, think of a topic and the target audience, set up your learning teams, draft your infographic, shape your skeleton, and design your motivating innovative means of communication: the infoEDUgraphic.

Find it all about the project at its site and blog; apply and grab your badge. Then, be creative and have fun!

The infoEDUgraphics team are looking forward to posting your awesome outomes and spreading the word for you all.

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