Thursday, 8 January 2015

International Writing Exchange EVO 2015

Register now for this Electronic Village Online 2015 Session.

The International Writing Exchange EVO Session is taking place from January 12 to February 15 and registration is open now, until 11 January.

IWE is a collaborative writing project for EFL teachers and their students. The goal of IWE is for students to learn about other cultures and improve their writing. Teachers from around the globe plan the online course and invite their students. One of the aims of this EVO session is to create personal learning networks among teachers for the creation of different IWEs to serve a variety of ages and levels of groups through the teachers’ participation.

The session is aimed at EFL teachers who teach or would like to teach English for academic or special purposes around the world and are interested in learning how to form writing communities. Teachers, who take the session, do not need to currently be giving a class.

The session is massive, open and completely free, moderated by a team of 5 ESL teachers from different parts of the world; from left to right, meet them below: Nellie Deutsch, Rosmery Ribera, Ludmila Smirnova, myself and Ellen Graber.


IWE EVO15 takes place at two learning environments: the Moodle course area where the International Writing Exchange will take place. And the WizIQ course area for the content and live online events for public viewing after EVO15

To join this session: 
2. Create a new account.
3. Confirm the account in your email.
4. Enrol!

The action starts on January 12, 2015!

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