Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First Steps on Smore

Smore is an online tool that allows you to design and publish flyers, for instance, when you want to announce an event, present an outcome in a visual way, create a web cv and so forth, that is, spread the word online, as the site of the tool itself claims.

In the videotutorial you are about to view below, the flyer on screen has been designed as a compilation album of comics in English, which have been created by teachers, about the subjects they teach.

Smore is a good choice to start a visual neat engaging activity and put it into practice in any class, for any subject, at any level, focused on any target audiece, aiming at improving students' skills such as language learning skills (reading and writing), digital skills or visual and critical thinking.

When considering Smore in lessons, you might like to have your students use it for:

  • creating albums and compilations
  • announcing class and school events
  • designing flyers on contents, concepts, ideas, tutorials, activities, etc.
  • publishing video and audio playlists
  • drafting and summarising 
  • presenting works
Check my Smore for further examples of various uses of this web tool.

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