Wednesday, 20 August 2014

#TWIMA Project launches website

As I announced several weeks ago, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a 2014-2015 school year bound to be full of connections and collaborations, starting soon with new allied projects such as the World Poetry #Twima one.

Today, our host Mr. Smith-TRT, is launching the project website, The #TWIMA Project, and that is the first page of chapter one in this global iBook project into which I am also diving with all those of you willing to get your hands on another e-connected adventure.

Using the Book Creator app for iPad, we will hopefully end up having a poem written by one classroom from each country in the world by the end of 2014.

In order to start organising our contribution to the #TWIMA project from Spain, we are opening a series of chain poems about our country to be collaboratively written at Padlet:

Welcome to Spain - Chain Poem 1
Welcome to Spain - Chain Poem 2
Welcome to Spain - Chain Poem 3
Welcome to Spain - Chain Poem 4

Once the chain poems are written, we will nicely compile them all using the app and submit them to @theipodteacher, who will kindly turn all the poems from every participating class in the world, into an iBook.

Stay tuned for updates and further information. If you are interested in becoming part of the project from the Spanish end, join the Digital Storytelling for Teachers online training course before September 22, contribute to our chain poem and be part of this worldwide experience.

If you have your own classroom and would like to have great fun and foster writing poetry among your students, please fill in the form and join the project yourself. There is still time, go for it!

Meanwhile, stay for a while and read about how to organise and contribute to chain stories. Or, if you prefer, set your artistic skills at work and design the project logo. Or, if you'd rather browse around, go and find out which countries have a writer already for the project.

Whatever you may decide to do now, do not forget to go #TWIMA!

Image seen at Mr. Smith-TRT Blog

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