Monday, 4 August 2014

Back to life after Moodle Moot Virtual Conference 2014

The 4th Annual Moodle Moot Virtual Conference 2014 is over ...

... and we are already starting off Moodle Moot Virtual Conference 2015!

Incredible as it may sound, after an intensive 3-day non-stop online learning and teaching adventure, full of possible missions, open badges, massive Moodle enrolments, songs, flat but spatial virtual worlds, creative debates to foster speaking skills, well-designed instructional training courses, and much more educational stuff, both presenters and participants have successfully and happily survived and are ready to go back to life.

However, it is going to be a different kind of life: richer, more connected, more collaborative, with a brand new backpack full of blocks, grids, group choices, rubrics, workshops, polls, awards, templates, reflections ... A Second Life maybe, a virtual world inhabitted by educators, some former dwellers, some newcomers, but all with the same goal: 'teaching and learning online'.

How come? Well, because along three summer vacation days, from 1-3 August 2014, with the priceless guidance of inexahustible Dr. Nellie Deutsch from IT4ALL, who impeccably set up the conference both at WizIQ and Moodle for Teachers, over 2000 educators worldwide have had the chance to learn from each other, share experiences and find news about Moodle while discovering engaging, socially encouraging online ways of teaching, which for sure will have a positive effect in our upcoming lessons and bring us all closer to active teaching.

But #MMVC14 is not really over; being a virtual conference, it is going to stay there for other educators to view the live session recordings, watch the YouTube MMVC14 Playlist and keep on reflecting, discussing and sharing.

That is the beauty of teaching and learning through technology: every session, every piece of evidence of what has taken place in the conference, stays. It does not vanish in the air once the doors of the classrooms close, since online classroom doors are always open and the learners and the teachers can mingle, have a cuppa in USA in the morning and some tea in Finland in the evening, or the other way round; travel to a wide range of educational scenarios across the world, jump, swim, spin off and sit back at home in comfort. All in one go!

Can anybody tell me if that is possible without ICT and e-connections? I don't think so, and that is why I would warmly like to thank you all that attended the MMVC14 webinars (not only mine), and Dr. Nellie Deutsch for her enthusiasm, patience and well-doing, without whom these meetings would not be happening at all.

So now, dive into the recordings, catch up if you can, and start with the countdown for #MMVC15!

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