Accomplishing the goal 'Link to the world'

At the beginning of every school year or every course, I always ask students to introduce themselves.
This year, inspired by @ShellTerrell, I have asked my Master's Degree students at URJC to do so in 3 steps.
Now, with those introductions, I have just linked to the world and so tried to accomplish Mª Josè Giavedoni's goal, 'Link to the world', as part of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators World Tour.

First, I have joined Mª Josè's Link to the World Google+ Community, a meeting point where to share the introductions the students have designed, using a wide range of tools, such as the following:

Being able to share their outcomes in the Link to the World Google+ Community provides students' designs with great added value, as their introductions stop aiming at knowing each other better within one's classroom and spread their wings to getting to know other students and teachers worldwide.

Here you are the links to the most outstanding introductions in 3 steps by some of these Spanish students:

My Life, by @Maria7bf
Dreams can turn true, by @Maria91bm
Leire's life by @leyre_cuervo
Me, as an atypical Chinese girl, by @priestying
Teaching tomorrow's leaders today, by @somar0209
They call me Mr. T, by @jdtearse