Thursday, 3 April 2014

Quoted at KQED Education

For the last months, since February 2014 actually, the students at the URJC Master's Degree for The Use of ICT and Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual Education have been taking part in various DoNow Art and Popular Culture activities, by invitation of @KQEDedspace, as you may have been reading in this blog, which consist of twittering about current affairs posts using the #DoNow_urjc hashtag apart form the DoNow post hashtag itself together with other students worldwide.

After every two weeks, once each Do Now is over, the team from KQEDedspace compile nice Roundups that highlight the most relevent tweets as well as the most outstanding conclusions by the Twitter students participating in the groups.

Well, our participation in the #DoNowArtist activity has been quoted in one of those Roundups, for which we are both very proud and very very thankful.

Read the 'Art Should be Judged Independent of the Artist' Roundup that summarises the 'Can we separate the Artwork from the Artist?' DoNow activity and enjoy our #DoNow_urjc #DoNowArtistStorify embedded in it.

“We should separate the art from the artist like Frank Sinatra. Accused of ties with gangs.”
Tweet by @nebeker_thomas

My most sincere congratulations to my #ictclil_urjc students and my most sincere thanks to @KQEDedspace and Matt Williams for giving us this great chance of interacting with loads of students from all parts of the world.

'As you see, guys, the effort is worth it. Keep it up!'


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