Saturday, 5 April 2014

Breaking Science eProject

Hi mates!

This is our first collaborative presentation. It was made at Google Drive.

This tool lets you send large files to your colleagues, clients and friends directly from your Gmail account. Moreover, it has its own mobile application which gives you access to your files on your iPhone or smartphone, no matter where you are!

Also, Google Drive allows users to open various types of files. It is pretty good that Google Drive and Google Docs are complementary programs. Google Docs lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, and work simultaneously with partners or colleagues on a same document. Changes appear in real time and are saved for thirty days, which makes it possible for you to view earlier versions of your documents. Google Docs also allows you to add certain access privileges to your files and determine who can view, edit or comment a shared document.

We decided to download the document as PDF file. Later on, in order to create a embed code to share the work with all of you, we create an account on SlideShare.  Good online tool where you can share your own work by labelling and visualize other presentations.

If you can see more information and news....please visit Breaking Science BlogGood weekend!

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