Sunday, 27 April 2014

Virtual Round Table Web Conference, Breaking Science sharing the project!

Hello everyone! This weekend we had the opportunity to attend to one of the most important and recognised Web Conferences worldwide: The Virtual Round Table Web Conference.

We want you to know about it! The idea was thought by our ICT teacher Mª Jesús but we want to thank every member and organizer of the Conference as well.

We had to present our E-project and share it with the world! Teachers and  people involved in  the Education field from all over the world were prepared to hear us, so...we chose a co-presenter member of the team in order to show and explain our e-project.

The member chosen was our beautiful Ana and she had to be online with her Webcam speaking and explaining the project during 5-10 minutes! Then, other mates in our ICT module of the master's course had the turn to speak as well.

During the broadcast of our class, there were some difficulties because of the internet connection, Pablo Almansa and Billy Joel Ramos (two of our classmates) lost their connection but they could explaine their e-project properly in the end.

Meanwhile, Mario and Maria had to write and comment all what Ana was saying on our Twitters accounts and the Science project account too.

If you want to take a look the comments and tweets you only have to follow us and read them!

and the account of our project that you already know! (@BreakingScience)

The hashtags used were: #ictclil_urjc and #vrtwebcon

We are very proud of our project, experiments, podcast, news, ideas, etc....

But we are also proud of the support received from all of you...On one hand, students of Primary Education who did the experiments and participated with us through the blog and on the other hand, teachers and educators. Thanks a lot!

Finally, special thanks to our ICT teacher, Mª Jesus... without your help nothing would have been possible!
You can also follow her on twitter. She is a great tweep and has a lot of followers!

We are in touch, see you soon and have a nice Sunday.

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