Sunday, 27 April 2014

7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference

Today our class has presented the e-project, in which we have been working during three months, in the 7th Virtual RoundTable Web Conference.

Our teacher, Mª Jesus, had asked us to participate in TheVirtual Round Table Conference, and all of us were a little confused about what this will consist of.  This kind of site is an annual web conference for language learning technologies, where teachers and experts share with the world their projects.

We have to own up that at the beginning we were a little afraid to share our e-project in such a huge way but we are now very pleased to have taken part in this conference for several reasons. Firstly, it was a new experience for us and secondly, because we could see how amazed the people were about our work and some of them said that they will try these tools with other students.

Although the performance took place today, the first checking sound was yesterday and the second one today just before starting. Once that we were on live, Angelika Güttel- Strahlhofer  let our teacher, Mª Jesus, give a brief introduction about our presentation, and after that, all our mates introduced their projects and explained them with more detail.

All of us were very nervous, but finally it came out in a brilliant way in spite of some sound problems in some of the presentations. Still, we are really proud of the final results and we have not enough words to thank all the people who made this project come true.

Our group has relied on our brilliant partner Eva GarciaPaton (by the way she did it great!), who has explained our e-project called Enjoy learning: Music and art, which was created to celebrate the anniversary of The Greco and Platero and I. We have used different tools and apps in order to make this e-project come true. You can have more information in our Wix.

To finish up, thank to the Virtual Round Table team to give us the opportunity to present our e-project which we have made with effort and a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks to Angelika Güttel- Strahlhofer also for giving us some extra time to be able to present all of the e-projects. And last but not least, thanks so much to our wonderful teacher to challenge us with such amazing work. We really have learnt a lot from you, as you would say, thanks a bunch! ;P

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