Monday, 24 March 2014

Heal the world with stories trailer

Hello everyone!

We are Alvaro, Laura and Maria and we want to present the trailer we have created for our e-Project "Heal the world with stories". The aim of this trailer is to engage people to visit our blog. For that reason, we have created a trailer in which we present a brief introduction of what you would find in this site.

The video consists of asking some general questions and answering them with videos and images of what they would be able to find in our blog. We have used some of the material we have design during the course and also, some of our classmates have participated answering some of these questions for us.

First of all, we designed a storyboard to organise our ideas before recording it.  The storyboard was divided into 10 scenes, describing the dialogue and the sequence that we are going to follow. Designing a storyboard is a very useful task with which you can obtain better results because it is a guide to follow while recording the video.

After recording the different scenes, we used Adobe Photoshop Premiere CS6 to create a single video using  all the pieces. Also, we have taken some pictures about our classmates introduction in three steps. We have choosen this one because it offers you a wide range of resources, tools and templates to create your video according to your purposes. At the end, we have included our logo. During the whole video, it is played the same soundtrack, called Gassenhauer, by Carl Orff.

Afterwards, we uploaded the video to YouTube, under the Creative Commons license, in order to share it with the rest of the world.

Have a look at it, we hope you enjoy it!

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