Sunday, 30 March 2014

Book ME-Library Podcast

At Book ME-Library, we are big fans of podcasts. We wanted our podcasts to have a formal but not serious tone. We chose SoundCloud because we had heard of it before and it was the easiest to use. Also, there was an App that we downloaded and it worked perfectly. We had a few preliminary tests and the sound quality was excellent.
After recording the audio, we put it into Garage Band. I chose Garage Band because I am relatively new to Apple products and I wanted to learn how to use that tool. Also, Garage Band has a smooth operating system. When I needed help, I just watched a ‘how-to’ video on youtube.
We looked for music on the website Jamendo. Jamendo has great CC content and a bunch of interesting music that is free to use. Luckily for us, we listened to about 3 tracks until we found “Whiskey Lullaby.” It has been described as “swanky” and sounds like it should be on a podcast. Then, I edited the song to fade out after the intro and come back in for a minute at the end. I think the group was pleased at how this turned out in the end. Along with the movie trailer, I think our podcast was a good first try. We are looking forward to improving and recording the next one.

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