Are you up to the challenge?

On Monday February 3, I started a new adventure at URJC. I met an incredible group of future Primary Bilingual Teachers that joined the module I will be teaching over the next two months for the use of ICT and Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual Education, as part of the Master's Degree in English about CLIL for that educational level at the aforesaid University.

Are you up to the challenge? from M. Jesus Garcia

The champion challenge was 'Let's flood the school with Music and Art', chosen by three four member teams. 'Stories to warm hearts' turned the runner-up, and three people in three different teams will be tackling it from now until the end of April 2014. 'Audiovisual Science', 'Setting up a mobile library' and 'Turn Journalists into Brave Reporters' are the other best liked challenges.
As you may have realized by now, the choices are varied and may be overcome with a wide range of interactive activities which we will be accomplishing over these two months we have ahead of you.

Stay tuned for news about our e-projects, which we will be regularly tweeting under #ictclil_urjc

Guiding these future teachers successfully to rising to the challenges of their choice and accomplishing their aims will also be part of my mission for The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators in 2014 at supporting e-teachers.

Let's keep our fingers crossed! Good luck to all!