Wednesday, 26 September 2012

European Day of Languages


Listen to the following text about 26th September, European Day of Languages:

Then, try and fill in the gaps in the text below.

September the 26th is the European Day of Languages. The Council of Europe and the European Union (EU) created _________________ 6th of December 2001. _________________ encourage language learning across Europe. Other objectives are to alert the public _________________ of languages to increase multilingualism and intercultural understanding, _________________ rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. All Europeans are encouraged _________________ language. The founders of this day also hope those responsible for providing access to language learning are encouraged to _________________ people to learn languages. There is an emphasis on learning a language other than English.
There are about 225 languages _________________. This is about three per cent of the world's total. With an increase in immigration to Europe, the continent _________________ multilingual. The EU says over 300 languages are spoken in London. _________________ EU survey 56% of EU citizens speak a second language. However, 44% only know _________________. English is the most widely spoken second language, with 38% of Europeans speaking it. This is ___________________ for French or German. Around 14% of Europeans say they have mastered one of these languages. The EU spends more than thirty million euros a year _________________ learning and linguistic diversity.

When you think you are ready, check your answers using this transcript.

Finally, write a magazine article about European Day of Languages. Write about what happens around the world. Include two imaginary interviews with people who did something on this day.

Source: ESL Holiday Lessons

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