Thursday, 15 March 2012

A story of Saint Patrick


Have you ever heard of Saint Patrick?
When and where is Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated?
What do you know about Saint Patrick?

Watch this video clip from Youtube and then do the tasks below.

1.      Write 1, 2, etc., next to each of the sentences below, according to when you hear contents referring to them in the video clip.

a.      Saint Patrick’s mother could hardly recognize him on his return
b.      As a young boy, Saint Patrick was kidnapped and sold as a slave
c.       The Pope allowed him to take a few mates with him
d.      He used to pray while working as a shepherd
e.      After being safe and sound, he openly made the wish to become a priest
f.        God managed to get Saint Patrick back on the ship

2.      Now, watch it again and answer these questions:

a.      Who kidnapped Saint Patrick?
b.      What was Saint Patrick in charge of minding?
c.       Why did he pray to God up in the mountain?
d.      What did God tell him in a dream?
e.      Why couldn’t Saint Patrick get on the ship back home at first?
f.        What made the captain change his mind and allow Saint Patrick on?
g.      How long did it take him to become a priest?
h.      What was the message he heard in his sleep after being made a Bishop?
i.        What would be the most obvious reasons for Saint Patrick not to have accepted the message?
j.        What was the starting point for Saint Patrick once back in Ireland with his best friends?

3.      Now, listen attentively to the conversation between the captain and Saint Patrick, write it word for word and then, put it into Reported Speech.

Saint Patrick: Will …
Captain: W …
Saint Patrick: …
Captain: Well, …

4.      Finally, there is another conversation for you to write literally and then report: the one between the sailor and the captain.

Sailor: That’s …
Captain: Go …

5.      Interested in any further information about Saint Patrick, his special day and celebrations? Well, then visit

Ready to check your answers? OK, then, use this answer key sheet.


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