Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marrying someone from a different country will always be more problematic than marrying someone from your own country


As a result of globalization marriages with foreigners have increased in the last years. Although some people argue that such unions will always have problems due to the barriers of prejudice, in my view there are no reasons to think in that way because an international marriage has many positives sides.
It is generally known that people from different countries who get married have to struggle with a variety of special issues including those related to citizenship and culture, which add complexity and challenges to these kinds of relationships.
For example, if you are living outside your country permanently you won’t be able to see your family very often. Moreover, if you have children, they will see their grandparents very little. Learning a foreign language is often another challenge to accept, the customs of your native land, food, dress and other aspects of your original culture might be hard to deal with.
But, before you get married there must have been a period of time since you first met someone until you take the final decision. So before that, how did you manage to live abroad? How did you manage to go out and communicate with him or her? Have you fallen in love with him or her? 
As long as two people of two different countries are in love, that’s all that matters, there is really nothing much to argue about. They should go on with their lives and be happy.
They will develop a deeper understanding of people and things beyond borders, new ways of thinking, new customs, and they will take the better of two worlds and share these with their children if they have any.
The human race is improving and looking better not only because of the advances and improvements in every aspect of our lives, but also because of what we are doing to the genetic diversity.
To sum up, I believe that marriages with foreigners have, on the whole, a positive influence provided that both of them agree with conditions. In my opinion, this is not for purely logical reasons, but because to get together is a part of what being human means.
J. M. Suárez. Advanced Level. Year 2

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