Monday, 12 March 2012

Advantages and drawbacks of cross cultural marriages


With the cultural globalization phenomena, cross cultural marriage has become a current issue.  And either it comes from a whirlwind romance or an internet-based relationship, a cultural clash comes to add stress on the already stressing lives of most families nowadays.
Personally, it seems to me that marrying a foreigner could be an exciting adventure, and despite the variety of special, new and strange issues it might arise, it could be though, interesting and challenging. However, it is good to bear in mind that these apparently refreshing traits of challenging relationships may often become a source of frustration, conflict, misunderstanding and hurt.
When it comes to raise children, I entirely agree the influence of another cultural pattern of behavior can be extremely positive, as it might broaden their minds.  Actually, only if both parents try to speak their own native language at home, the children are raised bilingual, which is a great thing nowadays. Although, I strongly believe it involves certain awareness in order to guarantee the success of these long term commitments.
It is often claimed that beside this awesomeness with regard to cross cultural couples, there are certain drawbacks which are difficult to overcome. Firstly and foremost, the cultural gap usually implies not being able to share each other’s humor, which I agree is one of the main foundations of a healthy relationship. Not to mention the way we value time, work ethics, learning styles, eye contact and even ideas about public affection.
On the other hand many people argue that interracial married couples usually have to face the possibility of being prejudiced against or even suffer racial discrimination, which could make life even more difficult. This argument thus may discourage many mixed couples from getting married. I consider there are a number of flaws in this argument as I believe it encourages racism instead of dissuading it.
In spite of the disadvantages above I believe that true love, trust, support and respect for each other are the main ingredients for a cross cultural marriage to success.
In conclusion, what is important to me though, is real love and respect. Marrying a foreigner is a big decision and it is important to stand by each other during difficult times. On the other hand keeping both languages and cultures in the host country, although it might sometimes be hard, it is convenient and worth it.

Mercedes Martín. Advanced level. Year II

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