Monday, 6 February 2012

Report: A study trip to Kingston


The aim of this report is to assess student satisfaction with the four- week study trip to the Kingston in United Kingdom, organized by the Language School of Luarca, and to make suggestions for improvements.

Most students were satisfied with the trip, they spent great days and they could practise a lot of English. However, in general, students who stayed with a family were much happier than ones who stayed in the halls of residence, because they were able to speak with the families a bit more and they had the opportunity to get in touch with their culture.

The classes
Most students rated the school very highly, everything was well organized and also the method that teachers used to improve their English was perfect because everyone could participate and speak. As regards class sizes, most students think that there should be no more than fifteen students in a class to practise speaking better.

As for the duration of the classes, most of the students think that six hours a day is too much, because there were many grammar classes and after them they had to do some extra activities. They propose to have a variety of activities, as sports or conversation classes with students from Cambridge University.

Almost everyone complained about the lunch. A sandwich is not a strong meal for Spanish people, we are used to eating something else for lunch. They suggest changing the menu.

Cultural programmes
Every weekend there were cultural programmes. They spent a great time in London and in Oxford where they could visit well-known places as the British museum, the National Gallery, or Oxford University. On the other hand, the trip to Bath and Strafford was a bit boring, they propose to change these visits and go to other cities.

In general students are not very keen on weekend cultural programmes, the majority of the trips had too much sightseeing and there was not enough free time for shopping.

On the whole, most of the students are extremely positive about this four-week trip to Kingston where they could improve their English, and feel that their suggestions can improve the trip.

Mónica Corrales Marbán


  1. Kingston, nice choice!
    It brings lots of memories to me, since I spent most of my summers there when I was a teenager!


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