Erick's best Christmas Eve

Once upon a time there was a boy called Erick who was really enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas Eve, but unfortunately he lived in a village where there were no children and people were not passionate about decorating their houses or even preparing a big meal for the rest of the family. They simply thought they had a lot of things to do, feed and clean the animals, tidy up the house, prepare food, so there was no spare time to share it with relatives or friends.

Erick was so disappointed that he decided to send a letter to Santa Claus in which there was only a wish: to celebrate the best Christmas party ever in his hometown. Once the letter was written, he gave it to his parents but they secretly read it and then they threw it into the garbage.

However, they did not know that tiny elves had been paying attention to the people’s behaviour along the whole year in order to inform Santa Claus, and one of these Santa Claus elves found Erik’s letter by chance. He became a bit sad when he heard Erik’s parents say,

            -‘This little boy of us will never learn that we have plenty of things to do here in our lands! We don’t have time!’

            Quickly, the elf ran away to the North Pole to tell the rest of his mates and Santa Claus about the situation and how sad the boy was. As Santa Claus always says: ‘Christmas is a time to share our love with our family and friends, singing, dancing, talking, and enjoying it ourselves as much as we can’.

            After reading the letter Santa Claus decided to make something extraordinary for the village that they would never forget. Each day of December the elves would visit the village at night and decorate it. The first day of December they would bring a Christmas tree, nobody in the village couldn’t believe it. The second day the elves would adorn it with tinsel, and so on with the streets, the shops,…

On Christmas Eve everybody kept on working but with a strange feeling. In the afternoon bells started to toll and Santa Claus came into the village riding his reindeers. People were surprised, because near the tree there was a huge table with delicious food for dinner. Santa Claus told the villagers that they needed to share time with the family and friends, and especially with the children, because Christmas is the best time to celebrate friendship and love. Erick, who could not believe what he was seeing, sat near Santa Claus. His wish had come true.

In the morning all villagers had their presents in their houses, but their best present was to spend Christmas Eve together. Since that day, they celebrate it every year, and decorate everything as well as they prepare a huge dinner all together. They try to spend more time with their friends and particularly with Erick, the little child of the town at that moment.

Mónica Corrales Marbán. Advanced level. Year 2


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