Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Blogging Weekend

As I announced on 10 March 2014, last weekend, March 14-16, I had the honour to share an online blogging weekend with other blogger teachers worldwide.

During nearly 12 hours non-stop, there was an against-the-clock marathon of 32 online classes attended by over 1700 e-learners, an amazing unforgettable experience I had the honour to be invited to as a presenter, but also an experience I had the honour to attend to, which gave me the incredible chance to learn with Sylvia Guinan, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Dr. Nellie Deutsch and many others, who were ever so enthusiastic about connecting with teachers and students around the world.

The course, the weekend, the classes, tutorials and assignments became true inspiration to keep on blogging and talk more and more students into blogging themselves, as well as connecting with teachers and learners.

Connecting: that was one of the key words all over the weekend and the most important issue in my humble viewpoint. Open connections, networked teachers, students, classrooms, that is the way to collaborative innovate when one teaches others and learns with and from others.

This kind of inniative opens a wide door to find answers for questions that some teachers are still asking themselves: 'Why blog?, Creativity in the classroom?, Encouraging collaboration through blogging?, Breaking down classroom walls?, Does Blogging mean Connect with students?, Help students shine?'

If you are one of those teachers that wonders why and how, do not miss the online weekend recordings, because I'm sure you are bound to find real answers there.

And stay tuned for the upcoming Fall Blog Festival in September!

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