Let's talk about age

Faced with the questions below, these are the reactions by Graciela, Mónica, Elena and Mercedes, four B2 ESL students.

What’s your ideal age?

What are the joys and problems of your age group?

How do you feel about growing older?

Would you like to be 100? Or be back in your teens again?

Do you think we should try to disguise the ageing process?

Is youth overrated nowadays? And old age underrated?

Have you heard of the Peter Pan effect? Can you guess what it refers to?

Do you find it easy to communicate with other age groups?

Is it better for people to be part of a family or to live independently? Think of different age groups and of the advantages or disadvantages of each.

The proportion of people over 65 is increasing in many parts of the world due to declining birth rate and better medicine. How does this compare with the situation in the past? What benefits/problems are derived from this?