Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Moodle MOOC 4 (MM4). Starting a new massive online learning adventure

Today I have just begun a new online learning adventure: taking part in the brand new Moodle MOOC 4 (MM4) that Dr. Nellie Deutsch has just started providing at WizIQ, with the help of Thomas Hodgers, facilitator of the course.

The MOOC actually started last 1 June and will run until 30 June; it is free, and instructed in English, and I am late, I know, but I am trying to catch up and view some of the session recordings I have already missed (only 5 out of the 34 live sessions offered).

Among those missed live sessions it is the Opening Ceremony, brilliantly conducted by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, where she surfed through the learning spaces this MOOC is taking place in: Moodle 4 Teachers (Moodle 2.6) and WizIq.
The combination of these two learning spaces is very intelligent in my opinion, as the former offers you a practice area where a sandbox of resources and activities is available for MOOC participants to analyse thoroughly and actually set up, whereas the latter gives you the chance of attending various live sessions or their recordings if you are short for time, as well as having access to the whole courseware.
Besides, both spaces are linked thanks to the WizIq plugin for Moodle, which makes it quite easy to swap platforms and actively interact with other peers, MOOC providers and facilitators. On top of all that, the actual word spreading and outcome sharing goes on the cloud, e. g. sites, social networks, blogs and so forth, where one is expected to show artifacts and reflection, that is, learning evidence. Thus interacting and connecting are key issues when boarding this MOOC cruise.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch gave a clear outline about the MOOC presenters, how to view presentations, attend live sessions, accomplish the tasks, gain course badges and obtain the completion certificate, making special emphasis on the active learning methodology the MOOC implies.

I am pretty sure it is going to be an engaging collaborative learning experience that will prove highly beneficial for my future Moodle course management as well as pretty motivating from the personal side, and the first show is a sweet surprise I was given just after my first MOOC day:

Right after introducing myself to the group of MOOC participants, I received a welcome SpeakPipe message through this system I have embedded in my blog long ago.
It was a message by David F., a peer MOOC participant that audio-introduced himself in Spanish to welcome me to the course.

'How come!', I just thought, 'and how caring of him to make the effort to welcome me in my own language, without even knowing me!' And then, again, as it quite often does lately, came to mind the fact that all this would be absolutely impossible without ICT or the Internet; that is the beauty of team learning, of learning in collaboration, of sharing. Out-of-the-blue gifts like this voice message is what really makes you stop and learn, whatever it may be, but learn together.

If you are interested in Moodle, either for beginners or non beginners, you are welcome to join this new learning experience and get advantage of learning by doing while you meet over one thousand elearners from all around the world willing to be there for you.

Thanks, Nellie, for another awesome learning adventure!

Thanks, Thomas, for the support!

Warm thanks, David, for being my first MOOC peer connection!

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