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MM4: Resources on Moodle and Creating Video Tutorials - My impressions

As part of the #moodlemooc activities within the Wiziq Moodle MOOC 4 coordinated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch from 1 to 30 June, there are daily live sessions all participants can attend or view later and so go ahead in the MOOC collaborative learning.

Last June 2, Dr. Nellie Deutsch presented 'Resources on Moodle & Creating Video Tutorials', which I could not attend live, but viewed today, Su. June 08.

Key phrases Artifact from the session:

Thus, now I am ...

...'Reflecting on the process'

The above phrase by Dr. Nellie is a key phrase, in my opinion, as only by reflecting on proceses can one improve and grow, so that's why I've chosen it as the conductive thread for this blog post.

But, first things first, I'd like to share the live session presentation Dr. Nellie actually shared with us all along the session; by the way, that's another key reflection: 'Sharing = the beauty of e-learning'.

Now, let's get on with questions, answers and reflections:

  • As I was viewing the session and listening to our presenter, it called my attention the reference to the fact that when in Moodle, 'Content is Info, and it is around Content that we build the activities'. And so, I was asking myself: 'Is Content really that important when e-teaching and e-learning, or should the core of an elearning course focus on the design of the activities?' 

Of course, I don't have the answer, I'm just placing the question for you to keep on reflecting, and so I will!!!! 

  • 'Learning Together!' - 'Yep!' I thought, 'I'm happy with that!' 

Aren't you???

  • Later on I could read the 'Wows!' from the audience in the chat box when course badges appeared on screen. 'Oh, oh, 4 Badges!!!' - I was springing up on my spinning chair - 'More badges for my Mozilla Open Badges collection, hooray!!!!

I suppose it's just in human nature, isn't it? Awards, being tapped on one's shoulder for appraisal, showing your achievements and so forth; we are all a bit of a show-off, aren't we? Isn't that only human? I guess so, but then I came back to reflecting and ...

  • ... I faced myself with these further questions: 'If badges stand any chance of ever being regarded as the digital evidence of one's professional competence, is four too many for a single course?, is it a fair number?, is each of them actual evidence of the learning one actually gains throughout this amazing adventure, or are they just to be taken as a gamification stage in the MOOC?'

Of course, I don't have the answer for these questions either. 

What about finding them in collaboration?

Let's go on reflecting on the process for a little longer!

Thanks ever so much, Dr. Nellie Deutsch, for such an interesting session, with so much food for thought! 

And it is our turn to ...

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