Monday, 24 March 2014

Trailer of the e-Project: "Art and Music in Jars"

Hi everyone! 

We are Alberto, Patricia, Jorge, Eva and Andrea and here we present you the trailer we have created in order to promote our e-project, making it as interesting as possible for you. 
In our trailer you can see different sentences and images related with Art and Music. With this trailer we try to show you briefly diverse art and music expressions.
At the beginning of the trailer you will see images of some ICT tools, different artistic expresions and some tutorials that we will use in order to teach you how to improve your artistic skills.

We have used the tool iMovie (iOS) to make the trailer because we think that it is handy, mobile and easy to use by all learners and teachers. Furthermore, it is very dinamic, real and it seems to be a real trailer of a movie! The best way to spread our ideas.

Do not forget to visit our blog that we are developing day by day!

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