Sunday, 2 March 2014

Platero in handy

2014 is the year to commemorate two special anniversaries: 100 years since 'Platero and I' by Juan Ramón Jiménez was first published, on one hand, and on the other hand, four hundred years since El Greco was born.

Shall we introduce El Greco to Platero and arrange a creative educational meeting? 

That's our goal at Platero in handy (Platero que ni pintado), and to accomplish it we are proposing that the characters in El Greco's paintings tell the story of Platero, becoming real storytellers.
The idea comes from @inmitacs, a Spanish Arts teacher interested in ICT, Education and Challenges, who has previously founded and taken part in other collaborative projects, such as Queremos Musicarte.

At URJC we are accomplishing this goal and we'll be flooding the classroom with Art and Literature. Are you going to miss it?
I invite you to accomplish this goal too, as part of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators on its 2014 world tour. I am happy to be your Inspire Leader for this part of the journey, when the tour lands in Spain once more.

Accomplish this goal:

Option A:
  • Choose an extract, dialogue, or chapter of Platero and I which can be narrated.
  • Choose a character from one of the paintings by El Greco.
  • Encourage your students to record a podcast or a videoclip so the creative meeting between the narrator and Platero takes place.
  • Or, get them design their comics. Any creation goes as long as some part of Platero and I is being told by a character in one of the paintings by El Greco.
Option B:
  • As students in Spain introduce you to our Literature, Culture and Art by accomplishing their goal, why don't you try and accomplish the goal too as teachers and them extend the accomplishment in your own lessons?

Promoting the interaction between several subjects, across various languages and countries, as well as working with key competences is an essential part of any collaborative project that aims at bringing Languages and Cultures together.
By accomplishing a goal like this you will be able to foster Language skills, Communication skills, Writing, Arts and ICT skills. You will also get yourself and your students connected with other peers in the world and introduce them into Spanish Art and Literature, giving them the chance of becoming world digital citizens.


Greco App (Android)
Comic Maker App (Android)

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Find out more about The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators at and join our 30 Goals Facebook group!

Thanks ever so much to Platero que ni pintado Project!

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