Thursday, 20 March 2014

Book ME-Library Trailer

Hello everyone,

We wanted to reflect on the trailer we created this week. It was actually very challenging. We decided to use the Apple application iMovies. We used a preset template, finding one in which all 4 of us could participate in. We recorded ourselves in several short clips around the computer lab. Using José Luis´ laptop, we put together this engaging trailer.


We wanted explosions, attention grabbing music, graphics and an interesting medium to get students´ attention. We couldn´t find the explosions, but we did manage everything else. Even though the trailer is only 56 seconds long, behind those 56 seconds, there were several hours of work, tweaking, cropping and discussion. I hope that everyone enjoys it and, of course, retweet it and comment on it. Thank you for your time!

Book ME-Library


  1. ¡Me encanta lo que estáis haciendo, lástima que me falte tiempo para comentaros!

    Nuestras nuevas respuestas a "aquellas preguntas" en breve, ¡prometemos!



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